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Law of Attraction India Pilgrimage

“Merge with the teachings of the Masters” 

“We are born into heaven; Gaia is where we came to create.” – Bruce Lipton

Rishikesh, India: November 9-15, 2019

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Rishikesh (Land of the Rishi’s) in Northern India has been the chosen place to experience truth for yogic Masters, Seers and Rishi’s for generations.  This land, in the foothills of the Himalaya’s, is literally steeped in the energy of Yogic teachings. These yogic teachings are scientific; this is the knowledge of the nature of our universe.  The seers understood and MASTERED how to be in flow with the Laws that govern our existence… There is a magic here to be experienced, not intellectualised; come & allow the energy of Rishikesh to reach deep into the fabric of your being to create a new set-point for manifestation.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law.

There are universal principles that govern the elemental nature of our universe. Scientific, mathematical, absolute truths, which indicate how ‘energy’ works.  Throughout history, there are many Masters, seers & Rishi’s who have understood this elemental universe and co-created with its flow. There are places on this earth that have magnetised these beings as the earth’s energy grid here is less ‘congested’, and access to the frequency (vibration / energy / transmission) of this information is enhanced. Rishikesh, is one such place.

Now it is our turn to pilgrimage to India and merge with the teachings of the Masters.

The Law of Attraction sounds simple, right? What we put out, we attract. And yet, somehow we get tripped up.  Most commonly I find that it is our doubt that is the biggest inhibitor. We find it difficult to BELIEVE this actually works.

This retreat is intended to help us BELIEVE and UNDERSTAND!

In our lecture sessions, I will:

• Deliver ‘understandable’ science as to how we manifest our world from from thought to matter;

• Describe the ‘oneness’ of all things, how we are eternally knitted to the fabric of the universe, and hence why we can call forth our desires;

• Provide evidence as to how to how the Law is always working perfectly.

• Refer to the Yogic sciences for evidence of how mantra and ritual has been used over time to fortify our faith.

Each day will include:

Morning Meditation by the Ganges River: harnessing the power of our focussed attention
Sound Based Practices: of mantra to re-organise our field of consciousness
Asana Practices: to align the body & calm the mind
Lecture Sessions: Science & Practical application of the attraction toolbox
Self Care Time:  rest, walk, shop, meditate or even have a massage!
Evening Ganga Aarti: Ritual at Parmarth Niketan Ashram
Evening Satsang: with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji
A Seva (selfless service) Project: to support Parmarth Niketan Ashram’s environmental & humanitarian projects.



(PLEASE NOTE! Price is in Australian Dollars. Please check conversion to your local currency.  On March 19, 2019 conversion approx $1640USD & $1440Euro)

Deposit $500, (Deposit is non-refundable; balance due August 31, 2019)

(*Includes: Law of Attraction program, overnight accommodation in Delhi on arrival, transfer to & from Rishikesh, Food & Accomm at Green Hotel, Rishikesh).

(Refund minus deposit with cancellation on or before July 1, 2019.  No refunds available for cancellations between July 2 – Nov 9 2019)


• November  7: Arrive Delhi Airport

• November  8: Group Transfer to Rishikesh

• November  9-14: Retreat!

• November 15: Final Morning Ganga Blessing.  Guests Depart

Visa and Travel Information:

You can get an eTourist VISA easily online.

All information to assist you with will VISA and travel will be sent to you upon receipt of booking.  We have wonderful tour hosts in India, Uschi & Rakesh, who will liaise with you directly & assist with travel!  We’ll make the process easy for you, so you can simply get excited for you adventure!

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